Spiral Flush

PPV Finland designs, develops and sells innovative contracting tools for the foundation and well drilling industries. The products are especially useful for complex ground conditions, and where ground disruption must be minimized, such as heavily built up areas, or off-shore works. Utilizing the patented “Spiral Flush” technology the PPV products offer significant advantages vs. conventional DTH tooling. Some of the advantages of this revolutionary technology are;


  • Flushing improves drilling speed
  • Drilling speed enhances pilot bit life
  • Cutting edges improve drilling in hard clay
  • Spiral grooves push material out when rotating


  • All cuttings and flushig air are kept inside of the casing - so there is no air escape to the surroundings 
  • Removes the danger of over drilling (sandy formations) 
  • Removes the danger of air escape (clay formations)

Increased size range

  • We have developed the world's most powerful reliable and environmentally friendly DTH hammer.
  • We have designed the most reliable large diameter HD shck absorbers
  • We manufacture the biggest DTH bits ever made

PPV Finlands core products are:

  • Overburden drilling systems 
  • Large diameter rock bits 
  • Drill string components 
  • Large diameter hammers 
  • Modification sets for rigs 
  • Rock socket grouting systems for large O-piling 
  • Products that can be used on and off shore

PPV Mincon

PPV Mincon is established to improve and manufacture economical and environmentally friendly contracting tools for foundation and well drilling industry especially for complex ground conditions where hardest granite and post glacier clays and tills meet.

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