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economical and environmentally friendly

PPV Mincon, a Finnish product company, is established to improve and manufacture economical and environmentally friendly contracting DTH tools, for foundation and well drilling industry especially for complex ground conditions where hardest granite and post glacier clays and tills meet. PPV is committed to improve customers' productivity and environmental safe by developing new products with innovations and designs.

Spiral Flush

PPV Finland designs, develops and sells innovative contracting tools for the foundation and well drilling industries. The products are especially useful for complex ground conditions, and where ground disruption must be minimized, such as heavily built up areas, or off-shore works.

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I-C PILE : The interconnected piles wall

While methods based in pure rotary like pile boring and CFA or methods based on driving or vibrating cannot penetrate through hard materials like boulders and hard rock layers, down-the-hole hammers (DTH) can penetrate even to hardest bed rock.

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