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Ltm S.r.l. is a company that operates in the field of micropiles, since 1982. The main objective of Ltm is the one of supplying, high quality finished goods, constantly improving the workmanship, so to offer to the clients a superior product. LTM srl company has been dealing with micropiles and wells tubes production since 1982. LTM primary goal is to supply high quality processed materials and our efforts are continuously focused on improving performance in order to offer a higher quality product. Our company has got the first ISO 9002 certification in Italy, as well as many other qualifications for private and public organizations. We have got in stock on the shelves brand new pipes with or without welding also following the ministerial decree of steel S235, S355, N80. LTM uses to weld all kind of overburden reamer sets for forepolling.


Drilling micro-piles sub-horizontally steel tubes to the contour of the tunnel section to be excavated is called "forepoling". Metal arches will support these micro-piles as the excavation progresses.

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Ground freezing tubes and accessories

One the methods used to improve the ground in the underground construction and mining industries is the ground freezing or soil freezing.

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Our outer coupler can be manufactured for various casing diameters, generally for temporary casings, used in vertical / inclined drillings.

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