Drill rods

DBC drill rods are manufactured with the most advanced production techniques and the best raw material available on the market today. Thanks to the heat treatment used and the CNC machining gives our rods the best possible performance, which also makes them economical and the productivity is increased.

Necessity of the quality material

The hole depths keep increasing and therefore the rigs of today are getting more and more powerful.

The strength of the rods must be suitable for conditions that are becoming more and more difficult. For the high performance rods, it is essential to use very high quality steel material. DBC uses steel material that is at least 20-30% over the mechanical values given in the related standards.

The straightness is also very important for the drill rods. Although the standards stipulate 1/2000 straightness, DBC rods have the straightness of 1/6000.

Cold drawn seamless pipes

The seamless cold drawn pipes create difference especially in hard conditions. Additionally, the cold drawing process gives very high mechanical values and precision on the dimensions. DBC uses the high performance cold drawn seamless pipes from the prominent suppliers around the world.

Testing abilities

For the quality control in every stage of the production, DBC has an in-house laboratory. All raw materials tested with X-ray spectrometer before they are utilized. Also the equipment for the microscopic metallurgical testing and hardness testing is available. Additionally, with an especially developed test instrument, the threaded joints are tested for the maximum pull and torque values.

Heat Treatment

Another necessity for the outstanding performance is to increase the strength of the pipe ends where the joints will be.

The pipe ends of the DBC drill rods are heat treated with a computer controlled, advanced technique that exist only for a few of manufacturers around the world. Thanks to this treatment, the strength of the rods is increased about 30-40%.


The profile of the WL rods is very special. In addition to the water sealing, they must be produced with a strict tolerance. DBC drill rods are manufactured with high precision CNC lathes and specially produced cutting tips. All WL threads available in the market can be produced. Every single thread is checked with a master gauge just after machining.

Surface protection

Male end of the rods are coated with a special chemical in order to prevent any potential galling.

Friction welded conventional rods

In addition to the WL rods, DBC produce conventional drill rods like AWJ-BWJ-NWJ. DBC use cutting edge technology that provides a very strong joint between the seamless cold drawn flexible mid body and the high strength couplings.

DBC Makina

DBC Industry and Trade Co. was founded in 1991 as the main distributor of Turkey. Today, all kinds of mineral exploration, soil investigation and remediation, cement injection system with injection machines and drilling continues to work in their fields.

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