DBC Makina produces drill rigs for 2 main applications: surface (with diesel engine) and underground (with electrical motor).

All drilling operations of the surface drill rigs are hydraulic but do not have the synchronization. They are mainly used for deep hole drilling.

DBC Makina produces though synchonized drill rigs. To ease the rods handling and drilling operation there is an automation between the rod holder and hydraulic chuck. Thanks to this option it is possible to feed in/out about 12-to 15 m drill rods/min.

DBC Makina gives its customers the possibility to choose amongst many options, with many additional features compared to the other similar competitors equipment:

  • 3.4m feed length for mast. 
  • Special gear boxes to increase the torque of the rotation unit by 3-4 times. All rotary are equipped with gear box. 
  • Patent pending rotation unit off-hole shift system to open the bore hole axis.  
  • Hydraulic main hoist for rod handling or for lifting heavy loads.   
  • Feed frame without chain system. Telescopic feed cylinder for underground and patented telescopic mast for surface drilling applications. 

All models are supplied with following common features;

  • CE certificate  
  • Operating, maintenance and spare parts books.  
  • Hydraulic components selection with at least 25% more pressure capacity than the operating pressure. 
  • Optional “Digital Drilling Package-DDP” (includes the displays for net penetration rate, mast angle, digital leveller, rpm of the rotation unit, flow rate of the flush pump, all necessary operating parameters of the diesel engine, etc)  
  • Patented “rod elevator system” for surface rigs. 
  • Crawler carrier system (if requested with remote control). 
  • Hydraulic driven FMC flush pump. 
  • Load sensing type hydraulic system in all models. 
  • Hydraulic oil tank made from stainless steel.High quality seamless steel profile for construction of the mast and the chassis. 
  • Hydraulic driven wireline winch, if requested equipped with automatic winding system.  
  • Hydraulic driven Braden main hoists.

DBC Makina

DBC Industry and Trade Co. was founded in 1991 as the main distributor of Turkey. Today, all kinds of mineral exploration, soil investigation and remediation, cement injection system with injection machines and drilling continues to work in their fields.

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