Drill Bits & Reaming shells

DBC Makina produces its own brand of impregnated and surface sets drill bits and reaming shells sets named FASTDRILL.

FASTDRILL are used by major exploration and mining turkish companies. The current range of products have been developped thanks a close cooperation with our clients. FASTDRILL drill bits are used abroad, already in 30 countries with success.

DBC Makina produces according the highest standards, thanks its high technolgic process. Bodies are machined on numerical control lathe, matrixes and diamond are pressed PC controlled. Each product can be tracked back until the raw material supply.

DBC Makina production is flexible, allowing to manufacture special bits according to clients requirements. Then in a specific ground formation at rigth rpm our bits lifetime is increased. Our stock level allows us to face special big orders or whatever special request in less than one week.

DBC Fast Drill

DBC Makina

DBC Industry and Trade Co. was founded in 1991 as the main distributor of Turkey. Today, all kinds of mineral exploration, soil investigation and remediation, cement injection system with injection machines and drilling continues to work in their fields.

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