Rock bolting system – RBS


The “rock bolting” is the most common used system for soilnailing, especially in tunneling and mining industry. Thanks to our long experience with steel heat treatment, we manufacture and distribute high resistance continuous thread hollow bars, offering following advantages:

  • They can be used as self-drilling bolts with a sacrificial drill bit
  • They can support an eye-bolt
  • They can provide a continuous closed circuit for high grout injection pressure for pumping thixotropic grout mixtures
  • They can be cut and coupled on site to get the most suitable lengths
  • Lower weight, i.e. lower handling costs and easier setting operations
  • Smaller diameter bars can be used under same load, due to extraordinary steel mechanical properties, i.e. lower cost of the structure components, such as bars, coupling and bits, easier drilling and setting, reduced mixture quantity and use of smaller rigs.
  • Possibility to add coatings as protection against corrosion:
  • Hot dip galvanazing – max length 12 m
  • Electrodeposited zinc coating – max length 4 m
  • Epoxy resin coating – max length 12 m


Thanks to years of experience in special steels heat treatment, Arco produces and trades high-strength self-drilling bars (Termic) with mechanical features higher than competitor’s. Over more, thanks to our latest generation fully automatic production lines we are able to offer a steady high quality product

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