About Arco

Your Rock Bolt system partner since 2004

Ar.Co., part of the GeoLSA group, activity started in 2004, thanks to years of experience in special steels heat treatment, Ar.Co. produces and trades high-strength self-drilling bars (Termic) with mechanical features higher than competitor’s. Over more, thanks to our latest generation fully automatic production lines we are able to offer a steady high quality product at a very competitive price.

In 2006 we started solid steel bars with continuous threads CTB (Gewi type) 500/550 Nmmq in diameters from 20 to 63,5 mm production. Then thanks to our technical treatments technologies expertise, ARCO expanded its product range with 670/800 Nmm2 and 900/1100 Nmm2 steel qualities. The production is made in the most important Italian steel industry. We therefore are able to offer a product of constant quality at a very competitive price.

Our first major construction sites date back to the early 80s, and from the experience acquired since then we are able to provide solutions for the consolidation and stabilization of rock masses, prevention of water flows, anchoring of self-drilling bars, filling and consolidation of joints and cracks in reinforced concrete walls, creation of permeable barriers in wells and sewerage systems, consolidation of loose, unstable soils, excavation of tunnels using conventional methods or with TBM, with high quality polyurethane or silicate resins, with different types of shutters (packer) and also special pumps with high injection capacity, which prove indispensable in difficult situations in the consolidation of underground works.

Rock bolting system – RBS

The “rock bolting” is the most common used system for rock mass stabilization, especially in tunneling and mining industry. Thanks to our long experience with steel heat treatment, we manufacture and distribute high resistance continuous thread hollow bars.

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Continuous Threaded Bars - CTB

Using highly resistant steel bars with thread offers to the building sector specific solutions in the geotechnical field.

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RBS - Accessories

Ar.Co. provides all kind of accessories to complete the system

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