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20 years of experience in the drilling sector

Nearly 20 years of experience in the drilling sector in Italy and Europe, is at our client’s disposal to make the best choice within products and equipment.

IES was born in early 2009, as a small and competent company, taking care, mainly, of down the hole casing advancing overburden drilling systems, core drilling and grouting equipment of one of the worldwide leaders. Our activity is mainly in Europe and North Africa, Maghreb, where we rely on agents that are supporting us for sales and service.

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LogoDBC Makina

DBC Makina

DBC Industry and Trade Co. was founded in 1991 as the main distributor of Turkey. Today, all kinds of mineral exploration, soil investigation and remediation, cement injection system with injection machines and drilling continues to work in their fields.

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Devico, survey instruments producer, has more than 25 year experience with directional core drilling (DCD) and borehole surveying. The company has developed a range of top quality instruments including directional core barrel, core orientation equipment

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LogoPPV Mincon

PPV Mincon

PPV Mincon is established to improve and manufacture economical and environmentally friendly contracting tools for foundation and well drilling industry especially for complex ground conditions where hardest granite and post glacier clays and tills meet.

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Thanks to years of experience in special steels heat treatment, Arco produces and trades high-strength self-drilling bars (Termic) with mechanical features higher than competitor’s. Over more, thanks to our latest generation fully automatic production lines we are able to offer a steady high quality...

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Ltm S.r.l. is a company that operates in the field of micropiles, since 1982. The main objective of Ltm is the one of supplying, high quality finished goods, constantly improving the workmanship, so to offer to the clients a superior product.

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IES offers several solutions and products needed in the drilling site.

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GEOFLUID 2018 :03/10/2018 -06/10/2018

PIACENZA EXPO - Loc. Le Mose Via Tirotti, 11 -Piacenza -Italy

GEOFLUID 2018 takes place from 3 to 6 October 2018, is the international exhibition of drilling technologies and equipment in all its fields: geognostic surveys, wells for water and geothermal, consolidation, quarries etc ...

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SOLSCOPE 2019 :26/06/2019 -27/06/2019

114 Rond-Point du Prado, -13008 Marseille -France

SOLSCOPE 2019 takes place from 26th to 27th of June 2019, is the international exhibition of drilling technologies and equipment in all its fields: geognostic surveys, wells for water and geothermal, consolidation, quarries etc ...

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Spiral Flush

PPV Finland

Next generation for Down-The-Hole drilling

DTH is a perfect solution for Over-burden-drilling in complex ground conditions. To be able to utilize the superior technology in urban and environmentally sensitive areas the air used in drilling should not escape to the surroundings.

Patented Spiral Flush technology is a perfect solution to control air in DTH applications. All air is directed crosswise and there are no air channels forward to the drilled ground.

Spiral Flush has been tested and approved also for the areas where conventional DTH drilling is restricted

It's also MF34 DTH HAMMER for large diameter foundation drilling

MF34 DTH HAMMER is the right tool for challenging large diameter foundation drilling. It is designed for drilling piles in complex conditions with rock layers and hard boulders including hardest bed rock. MF34 is an excellent tool also for drilling rock sockets. Hammer can be used on drill rig or at crane operated worksites.

Second Hand

What we offer

Selling second hand equipment

Nowadays we are selling second hand multipurpose drilling rigs and equipment, we are covering mining and geotechnical drilling segment with DBC Makina, a company at the cutting edge of innovation and technology, with their core drilling rigs for surface and underground, wireline drill string, diamond drill bits and accessories.

Drilling systems

We propose overburden devices for different kind of application too. We are LTM group agents, to cover the foundation and rock reinforcement market, with micropiles, self-drilling anchors, continuous threaded bars and more other products or solutions.

Drilling systems

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